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Choose the Original Hard Cover Spa for Your Home

A new hot tub can provide countless hours of fun, excitement, and relaxation for you and your family. However, traditional soft covers make it challenging to access your hot tub. After years of use, they can begin to degrade, providing less protection as well. Luckily, EcoSpa Texas has proudly sold the original hard cover hot tub to residents throughout Austin, San Antonio, New Braunfels, and Cedar Hill, TX, since 2016. EcoSPa’s innovative, durable, and long-lasting hard cover protects your hot tub and will never break down. Learn more about why hard covers are the best choice for your hot tub.

person removing hard cover from hot tub

Discover the Benefits of Our Hard Covers

The EcoSpa’s unique hard cover is one of its most distinguishing features. It’s designed to improve hot tub performance, increase spa efficiency, and provide superior protection against contaminants. Our hard cover is completely insulated, which helps better regulate the hot tub water to reduce energy usage. Every EcoSpa model has a lock and seal system to provide even better insulation. The hard cover is straightforward to operate. It only requires one person to open it. Once opened, it’s positioned on the sides of your hot tub, making it perfect for tight spaces. Discover the numerous benefits of our hard cover EcoSpas:

  • Warranty-Backed
  • Lightweight
  • Easy Operation
  • Holds Up to 500lbs
  • 25% More Efficient
  • Saves Money on Replacement

Make the Smart Choice for Your Next Hot Tub

Nearly 70% of all heat from your hot tub is lost due to an inefficient cover. Typical hot tub covers are made of styrofoam and vinyl, which can become water-logged and moldy over time. At EcoSpa Texas, our EcoSpa hot tubs come with an integrated, easy-to-operate hard cover top that provides better protection and insulation. It’s backed by a lifetime warranty, so you’ll never have to worry about purchasing or replacing your hot tub cover ever again. Schedule an appointment to visit our New Braunfels showroom and learn why hard covers are the best choice.

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