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A truly great spa experience and I can’t wait to go again!

Jared W.

Our EcoSpa two person spa is so wonderful. We have had it for several years now and enjoy it year round. The delivery and set up was fast. Have had zero problems with it. It’s easy to use and keep clean. After a hard day of yard work with down trees, etc, it helps ease all of our aches and pains of keeping up with four acres of land. Eric is a man of his word and always answers any question we have and checks up on us to make sure everything is okay with our EcoSpa.

Tracy C.

Glad I came across EcoSpa! Had been looking for a two seater hot tub that wouldn’t take up much space for a while now. If it weren’t for Eric walking me through my purchase and helping me out with model info, I’d most definitely not be as happy as I am with the E5. Thank you again Eric!

Cesar B.

We purchased the Eco Spa E2 today. The owner, Eric met with me personally at his showroom. He took the time to show and discuss all the different Eco Spa models, their features and options at length with me without any pressure to buy. Eric offered us an excellent price and we will receive our new spa in a few weeks. I highly recommend contacting Eco Spa Texas!

Joey B.

A great hot tub at a very reasonable price. We love ours!

Eric S.

I just wanted to send you review of the E4 hot tub I purchased from you on 12/8/2020, installed on 1/6/2021. Well its been almost a year we have had the hot tub & it has met our every wish, extremely economical, very low on chemicals, all in all a brilliant buy, we clean the filters every 4 weeks & use 1 cap full of Fresh 'N Clear Spa Oxidizing Shock after every use or if we don't use it once a week. We also use a mineral stick in the filter & that lasts 3 months. We have been using this hot tub a lot more than the one we had previously & I checked the cost of the electric usage & it runs between $8-$10 a month, (now that is something as our old hot tub was costing us around $100 a month).
We have only just changed the water out today after 11 months of continuous use ,that's really unbelievable. I would just like to add that I would & have recommended this hot tub to everyone that asks.

Stephen B.

I bought my EcoSpa 2-person hot tub about 3 months ago, and I absolutely love it. I use it 3-4 nights a week. The delivery took about a month from when I paid for it, but I knew that up front. The delivery was very quick, maybe 20 minutes total. They set it up exactly where I wanted it, started the water, and showed me the basics. It cycles to keep the temperature on spot, which is good, because it does take a while to heat from scratch. I was glad to find that the cover is lighter than it looks, even though it's very durable. No mechanical issues so far, no issues of any kind.

Victoria G.

Great place, super helpful, if your looking for a hot tub without the pressure and drama, this is your place!

Dave T.

Erik Delgado is a very good person, we found that he is highly proficient and well informed when it comes to purchasing a great hot tub. My wife and I met Erik at his business in New Braunfels where he spent a long time with us with no high pressure sales talk. We decided right away that this was the best decision we made that day and after he showed us his product (the Eco Spa Hard Cover Hot Tub) in his beautiful show room. Erik gave us a nice deal and promised delivery in 5 days. He kept his word and our new Spa was delivered on time and he had the hot tub installed and up and running in 30 minutes. I can only say that Erik is the man to see when you want a great hot tub and a reliable business person to deal with.

Frank S.

Great product, way to go eco spa

Roger R.

This place is absolutely amazing and great customer service. Anything I need every since I bought my hot tub, all I have to do is call. The owner is very personable and so helpful. He is also very patient. I would recommend this place for whoever wants to purchase a hot tub. Awesome experience.

Jeremy P.

We bought our EcoSpa just over a year ago during a Home Show in Houston. We bought the extras such as the bigger motor and jets. They delivered on time, helped with setup, and even took our old Jetsetter hot tub.
Every time we sit in the hot tub one of us says "This was the best money we've ever spent!". Without a doubt we are so glad to have found EcoSpa. It basically takes care of itself.
It really is the best money we've ever spent!

Georgia H.

EcoSpa- Hard Cover Hot Tub is not only a great product, but backed by very dedicated and knowledgeable employees! I can’t say enough about Erik and Allen’s support and service. There guys do what they say they’re going to do! Best company I’ve done business with in a long time, highly recommend!

Tom W.

Erik and his team are awesome. Great service from beginning to end. You will get what you paid for and then some. Hot tubs are high quality and the set up was a breeze!

Moses S.

We LOVE our new Eco Spa! Eric and Allen were fantastic to work with they also came also came out to install it themselves. They went out of their way to make sure everything was perfect! If you’re looking for a new Spa, definitely reach out to them!

Beth B.

We absolutely LOVE our ECOSPA Hot Tub. 5 Stars are not nearly enough for this awesome tub and amazing company. Eric the owner of the company is extremely caring and attentive through the purchasing and delivery process and ensures you are completely satisfied. He raises the bar when it comes to customer service and satisfaction. Love the ease of caring for the tub as well. No need for tons and tons of expensive hot tub chemicals. We only need to use a Zodiak Nature2 SPA stick Mineral Sanitizer and a capful of Cense Aromatherapy oxidizer, thats it! Every single person that has seen our Ecospa Hot Tub loves the design and look of durability it offers. Finally the hard top cover is hands down the best invention ever.

Yesi S.

This Spa and theses guys are the BEST. I’ve owned many spas and hot tubs in my day but the Eco Spa is the BEST bar none! It’s easy to maintain, perfect size and it literally can go anywhere. My fiancé bought it for my Birthday this September from the SA Home & Garden Show. We wanted to use it immediately but were closing on our new home in a few weeks. The guys delivered it right away and set it up at the old house in our garden room. We’ve used it everyday since we received it. We closed on the new home and moved everything in but the bedroom and clothes because the spa was there. The guys JUST delivered it to our greenhouse at the new place! Awesome product, great company, amazing guys!

Caleb M.

Eric and the boys came out and installed our hard top Eco-Spa early this spring. That was about a 200 mile drive for them. He explained everything we needed to know and it has worked great ever sense. My wife is convinced it is helping with Arthritis in her hands. We spend a lot of time in it and love it. If you are thinking about getting a Hot Tub, I would suggest you contact Eric.

Ed N.


  1. Therapy Therapy Therapy: Sitting in a hot but with the temperature over 101 degrees has been medically proven to relieve BACK, NECK, LEG, and SHOULDER pain. You can even get a prescription in the state of Texas for a hot tub.
  2. Stress Relief: A hot tub is a great place to relieve stress, this is a great place to go in your own home that will let you disconnect from your day-to-day stress that comes from working excessive driving, being on your feet all day or let’s be honest….. even your kids.
  3. Romance: A hot tub is one of the best places you can go with your significant other to reconnect and communicate in ways that watching a movie or going out to dinner just cannot provide. It enables you both to have alone time with one another all while getting a BACK MASSAGE and RELIEVING STRESS… together.

Click Order button next to the service you want to purchase and leave your contacts in a follow-up form. We will get in touch with you shortly to clarify all the details.

The Cover: We offer a Hard Cover locking system, this is so important for the spa’s Insulation, durability and security and making it easy to open and close.

Accessories: We offer a lineup of options such as STORAGE STEPS, LIGHTING, and a DRINK TRAY making your experience the best it can be.

Plug n’ Play: We offer on all our spas a convenient 110v plug-n-play system which allows the homeowner to plug the spa into a regular 3 prong outlet and save the money and expense of paying an electrician to run 220v

Yes. We offer a lifetime warranty on the cover and the frame.

The EcoSpa is a great option for anyone who wants a hot tub without the stress of maintenance or upkeep. The EoSpa is the most maintenance free spa possible. We complete 80% of our service calls by phone, it’s easy convenient and lightweight.

Our ideal customer is someone who had a spa in the past and does not want the same upkeep and maintenance that came with their old spa such as cover issues. We also attract customers who want to plug their unit into a 110v outlet.

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